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Organizations, it's Time for Your Team to
Own Their Expertise (OYE)

Executive Coaching ~ Training ~ Consulting

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Executive Coaching

Although not often discussed, oftentimes leaders (to clarify, I believe people are leaders regardless of their job title) feel alone or pressured to perform a certain way.  This is especially true for those that lead and/or work in teams.  When others are looking toward leaders for guidance, who do leaders go to for their own guidance?  


Through executive coaching - either 1:1 or group coaching - I provide leaders with the opportunity to share their thoughts, while receiving the necessary guidance and feedback to effectively lead and grow themselves and their teams.


Leadership Development Training

Why is it that when we land the job, many of us slow or even stop our professional growth?  We’re not dead; we continue to evolve and stretch.  Through my leadership training workshops, I challenge individuals to expand their leadership skills, so that they not only become better leaders, but do so in a way that better supports their organizations, companies, and communities.  


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With a background in learning and development spanning across the tech, nonprofit, and public sector, I consult with many organizations to develop engaging training programs and offerings for their employees or constituents. I am known for breaking down complex concepts into consumable topics and formats, and for creating a fun and positive learning environment, while meeting business needs and objectives.

 Her personal and professional branding workshop was incredibly engaging!

There are a few things that makes Yanira’s workshop unique:

  • She completely understood the audience, and took into account their level of experience and knowledge, and met them where they are when delivering the material,

  • She brought in cultural references to convey and break down complex ideas, thus making the topic even more engaging, interactive, and relevant,

  • She challenged the group to mentally stretch and grow in ways that they did not previously consider.

In speaking with ELLA members after Yanira’s workshop, I received feedback such as, “that was my favorite presentation from the retreat!” She definitely keeps the room energized!

~Gabriela Chavez-Lopez, Executive Director, Latina Coalition of Silicon Valley

Alexa Young, CA

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