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Yanira Guzmán, The Career Gem

I empower, educate, and elevate professionals by translating their proudest life moments into their next role.



I've been asked. Why did I name my business, The Career Gem? Let me tell you why. Oftentimes, when I work with my clients - who are majority women of color - the common theme that comes up in our conversations is the topic of self-value and self-worth. We have this inner conflict and we ask ourselves, are we enough, are we worthy enough to go to that University, to get hired by that company, to get that job, to get that promotion, to be the VP or Director? And this isn't because we are born with a lack of confidence, but rather because of lived experiences in our society.
I'll tell you first hand that when I got accepted into UC Berkeley, I heard my classmates say comments like, "oh, you only got in because you're Mexican." As if that's all that mattered, and not the grades or courses that I took.

Then, even in corporate, I was talked over in team meetings. When I was being assertive, another team member Slacked me saying, "Your Latina fire is coming out (along with Anger character from the Pixar movie Inside Out)." No, I just hold people accountable for their work. Yet, my ambition was viewed differently in different contexts. These microaggressions and assumptions of me as a Latina, as a woman of color, did not and do not go unnoticed by me. Nor, am I the only one this happens to. I know this happens to my black and brown sisters because they've told me.

Why do I name my company "The Career Gem?" Because, hermanas, we are gems. We are valuable, we have worth, and we are precious! I've learned to carry and own my value and worth. I've learned to tell the little voice in my head, that tries to tell me I'm not worthy, "to shut the hell up!" I've learned to listen and believe my truth - and that is - I am a gem. I will no longer dull my precious worth for any person, organization, or company. I am a gem, and so are you!

So, to all you ambitious women, know that you are gems, and together we'll continue to elevate you in your career. 


Thinking I would retire with a company that I’ve dedicated so much of my career, who knew it would take a global pandemic to shake me up to truly recognize you must be ready for anything.  While there will always be loyalties, which I believe is one of my greatest strengths, I now realize that being prepared doesn’t mean you’re less loyal.  I cannot say thank you enough for your support and guidance as I develop my first resume (ever), get on board with LinkedIn and prepare for potential interviews.  The Career Gem Bootcamp was so informative, and I appreciate the camaraderie of having other business women contributing their unique perspective to the 3 days; it was so beneficial.   At the end of every session, I told my husband that was time well spent!  Thank you for building the network that you have because it brought me to you at the time I needed you’re expertise.  Please keep doing the many amazing things to connect people including the workshops and various talks with the experts because they are priceless!   I’m a true believer in you as The Career Gem, and look forward to our continued work.  I wish you all the best in your success.  You’re authenticity shines!  

S. M. Senior Management, Retail