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Soy Profesional (I Am a Professional)

Some think that professionalism means dressing in a "suit and tie" or "business attire." But, what if that's not you? Does that make you any less professional? No! On the contrary, we're all professionals and this workshop is designed to 1) recognize and own our professionalism.

LinkedIn for Latinas

LinkedIn, the largest professional social network, is intimidating to some. Why? Because of the misguided misconception of what professionalism is. During this workshop, I make the "intimidating" not intimidating through a Latina cultural lens.

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How to Presumir on Your Résumé (Résumé Writing Workshop)

Looking to move up or move on? Need a résumé? Not sure how to highlight your expertise? I've got you! In this workshop, I break down resume formats, resume do's and don'ts, so that you shine on paper.

Telling My Story (Interview Coaching)

Ready for interviews? Not sure how to answer those questions or how to incorporate your lived experiences in your responses? In this workshop, I help you frame your responses while owning your story and showing up as your authentic self.

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Networking as an Introvert

You're an introvert, and meeting people in-person or in a virtual world freaks you out. What if I told you that networking is an opportunity to make friends...and introverts have friends too? Learn the ins and outs of establishing and cultivating authentic relationships without the sweaty palms or pits. 

3-Hour Training

Organizations, it's Time for Your Team to Own Their Expertise (OYE)


Establishing Your Executive Presence: What is Executive Presence?

What if I am not technically “an executive,” do I really need to show executive presence? Learn what executive presence is and its importance in propelling your career forward.

Say What? Effective Communication and Collaboration in Teams

Many of us have been in situations where there were differing viewpoints or even disagreements, and the way to finding a solution or common ground wasn't smooth. This workshop will assist in finding the words that deescalate situations, while moving the work forward.

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