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As a life-long educator, with experience in both the private and public sectors, I provide consulting services to nonprofit organizations, corporations, community colleges and universities, as well as governmental agencies in areas such as, but not limited to, executive coaching, talent development, strategy, and professional branding.  I've designed culturally relevant career development programs and curriculum that is engaging and meets the needs of the respective organizations.

 Contact me today to see how I'll assist you in implementing and meeting your vision.



She Inspires

What many do not realize is that many School Board Trustees are also full time employees working within and outside the education industry.  This is especially true for California Latino School Board Association (CLSBA) members.  While many of us excel and advocate for - the families and students - that we represent, we sometimes forget to advocate for ourselves in the workforce.  As a result, I invited Yanira Guzmán, The Career Gem, to conduct a career development workshop at our 2021 CLSBA Unity Summit.  


During her, “¡Somos Líderes! Telling Our Story for Career Advancement,” virtual presentation, the CLSBA members were actively participating in the chat feature and asking questions as well as responding to her prompts. Yanira definitely planted multiple seeds in the minds of the membership, with many beginning to think how they may further their career. 


Deborah Bautista Zavala, Vice President, California Latino School Board Association

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She Guides

I invited Yanira Guzmán, the Career Gem, to give a career development workshop to our Engaged Latina Leadership Activist (ELLA) cohort of approximately 30 emerging professionals.  Her personal and professional branding workshop was incredibly engaging!  


There are a few things that makes Yanira’s workshop unique:

  • She completely understood the audience, and took into account their level of experience and knowledge, and met them where they are when delivering the material

  • She brought in cultural references to convey and break down complex ideas, thus making the topic even more engaging, interactive, and relevant

  • She challenged the group to mentally stretch and grow in ways that they did not previously consider

  • She commanded the room and captured their attention throughout the 90-minute workshop


In speaking with ELLA members after Yanira’s workshop, I received feedback such as, “that was my favorite presentation from the retreat!” She definitely keeps the room energized!



~Gabriela Chavez-Lopez, Executive Director, Latina Coalition of Silicon Valley

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She Uplifts

After attending a few of the Career Gem’s professional development workshops, led by Yanira Guzmán, I personally was able to overcome some of my own hesitations to fully embrace the power of sharing my stories on LinkedIn. With that experience, I wanted to pass on the knowledge I had learned with members of our Unidos@ServiceNow Diversity and Inclusion Belonging group by having Yanira deliver her "Soy Professional" series of workshops, specifically tailored for our group. 


Over the course of the engagement, she not only created and delivered engaging and culturally relevant content virtually, but she also developed real relationships with each and every one of the participants.  My colleagues expressed their gratitude by asking for more sessions like these and more time with her.  Since then, I have also noticed that my colleagues have implemented her teachings and are much more comfortable sharing their stories and accomplishments on LinkedIn!


If you're looking for an engaging, caring, and dynamic instructor and professional branding coach, I highly recommend that you contact Yanira!


~Jennifer Boicic, Co-founder of Unidos@ServiceNow and 

Director of Strategic Alliances

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