• Yanira Guzman

Select the appropriate résumé type

To all #jobseekers. Did you know that there are different resume formats and each one has a specific purpose?

The most common format is the #chronologicalresume. This works best for individuals who work in the same industry regardless of company or role. For instance, they remain in manufacturing or tourism and hospitality. The applicant lists their job roles with the most recent first and goes backward.

The #functionalresume allows the applicant to categorize their accomplishments by specific skills or functions. This format tends to be best for those looking to transition or #pivot their careers. For instance, an individual transitioning from retail to tech. They'd use this format to highlight the required skill set for the new industry - tech.

Then, there is the #hybridresume. This is best used for individuals who have either been out of the workforce for some time (parenting, illness, family care, etc.) or for those that had one type of role in their past experience, moved onto something completely different, yet desires to return to a similar role from the past. They can use this format to surface the older skill set and experience for the new role.

So, now that you know the three resume formats, which one are you most likely to use for your #nextplay?

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