• Yanira Guzman

Surface your skills to the top. Don't bury them in your text.

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

"How do I highlight my skills?" I get asked this question often.

As we know, recruiters spend less than 6 seconds looking at résumés (some spend 3 seconds)! They are looking for key skills that align with the job description/job role. If your skills are buried in the text of your résumé, not easily seen, your résumé is already in the "DO NOT CONTINUE TO READ PILE."

That is the harsh reality.

Bring those key skills to the top of the resume in an easy to read format. Look at the before and after pics to see what I mean. In the before, the overview looks like a big paragraph. Recruiters don't have time to read all that. The use of fonts, bold, and bullets brings the eyes to the important stuff - your skills!

It's your job and mine to make it easy for recruiters and hiring managers find the best talent (YOU). If you're serious to do this right, contact me today!

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