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OYE Educators, It's Time to Own Your Expertise (OYE)

No more giving yourself all the excuses for not leveling up or leaving education. Believe me, I know all the excuses....why?


Because I've been there, and I've told myself each and every one.

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I can't leave my students 

I know, I classroom teachers and administrators, we are compassionate caregivers naturally. We want to see our students - whether in K12 or in higher education - succeed. And, if we're honest with ourselves, we think that we're the only ones who think that we can help our students. We become possessive. We say things like, "They're my kids; I can't leave them. I can't just let anyone be with them."


When in reality, we're AFRAID to take the plunge - to either level up to become an administrator, a Dean, a Vice Principal, Vice Chancellor, President, etc. - or leave the field altogether - because we have other dreams that we want to pursue.

I already have tenure

This is a tough one. As a first-gen Latina, I was taught to get a good job, with good benefits, and STAY. And, yes, being in education is a good job with GREAT benefits, especially retirement. It's very easy to stay because we want that financial security. We believe, that by staying, it's the only way, we can be financially secure. It doesn't matter, if our environment is toxic - toxic colleagues or leadership. It doesn't matter if our heart is no longer in it anymore.


It doesn't matter because the story that we're telling ourselves is that, "If we leave our tenure, we're setting ourselves up for financial ruin and insecurity." And, I'm here to tell you, that is FALSE! I've been there and done that too!

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All I know is education

That too is a lie. Education is an industry; it's not a skill. As educators, we have a ton of skills that are transferable in several industries. We just have to know what those skills are, how to package them, and communicate our VALUE to other industries. It can be done, because I did it. If our heart is no longer in education, then we don't need to suffer. We don't need to sacrifice our joy because of our limiting beliefs. We can leave and move onto something else that aligns better with our values and wants.


So, no more telling yourself, "que no se puede", because I'm here to tell you, que si se puede. I went from classroom teacher to corporate trainer to now resume writer and executive coach. All skills that I learned and refined while in education.

Client Testimonial

Vanessa Bustamante.jpg
I loved the OYE Educator Cohort! I had the privilege of connecting with amazing people doing amazing work in education. Yanira is an incredible coach who leads by example in owning her identity, experiences, and expertise as she helped us integrate our intersectional identities into our professional and personal brands to shine in all aspects of who we are as educated and valuable Chingonas. I appreciated the time Yanira took to have 1:1 meetings with me and the group settings that offered a safe place to discuss vulnerable situations.

Dr. Vanessa M. Bustamante (aka Homegirl Doctora)

You Ready?

If you're really serious about leveling up within education or seeing how you can use your education skills to leave, and want to be en comunidad as you go through this journey, then I invite you to Own Your Expertise and join the OYE Educators cohort.

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